Environmental & Social Monitoring

The HEG has worked with multiple Canadian and International communities to develop and carry out social and environmental monitoring programs.  A specific area of expertise is community-based monitoring with Indigenous communities.

Internationally, we specialize in assessing and managing social and cultural impacts of large infrastructure and natural resource extraction projects, such as oil and gas, mining, infrastructure and industrial development.

In Canada, we have completing programs that address a number of key concerns, including the environment, community health and wellness, and other cultural indicators.

Working with community leadership, elders, youth, technical specialists and general membership, HEG has facilitated the development of community visions for community-based initiatives, scopes of work, and business plans that identify both fiscal and human resources.

Project examples

  • Community Based Monitoring Inventory and Analysis for the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency (CEAA)
  • Community Based Monitoring situational analysis for the Alberta Environmental Monitoring, Evaluation and Reporting Agency (currently Alberta Environmental Monitoring and Science Division – EMSD)
  • Participatory Monitoring Program and Cost Estimate for a LNG pipeline in central BC, Canada
  • Social Monitoring for the Camisea Gas Pipeline, Peru
  • Scope Of Work & Business Plan For A Community Based Environmental Monitoring Program, Athabasca Tribal Council
  • Bahverchi Copper Development Social-Situational Analysis
  • BEAHR – Building Environmental Aboriginal Human Resources Curriculum and training manuals for an Environmental Monitoring program
  • Manual: Tools for Resource Management in Alberta: a guide for First Nations.
  • Social and Environmental Monitoring Certificate Program, Piikani Environmental Services
  • Social and Environmental Training Program in Bolivia