Socio-economic Impact Assessment

The HEG offers its clients extensive experience in managing and conducting social, cultural and economic assessments using a variety of approaches, including:

  • Community specific wellness studies, which focus on key socio-economic indicators identified by local communities.
  • Integrated Cultural Assessments, using culturally relevant indicators (valued components) to identify potential cultural impacts of development, bridging the language of non-aboriginal regulatory requirements with traditional values and worldview.
  • Regulatory driven industrial development SEIAs completed on behalf of industry focused on meeting regulatory requirements such as those imposed by the Alberta Energy Regulator, Alberta AEPEA, BC Oil and Gas Regulations, NEB (sect 52 and 58) CEAA and IFC Performance Standards. The HEG has completed socio-economic impact assessments as part of industrial regulatory filings, for a variety of clients related to oil sands development, coal mines, gas fired power plants, oil and gas pipelines, power lines and resort developments.

Project examples

  • Socio-economic Impact Assessment for major oil and gas developments in Northern Alberta
  • Environmental and Social Analysis of Infrastructure Development, Brazil
  • Socio-economic Impact Assessment for 500 kv and 240 kv electrical transmission line
  • Community Wellness study in the context of oil sands development in North East Alberta
  • Socio-economic Impact Assessment for major entertainment resort on First Nations lands
  • Socio-economic impact assessment for 500 MW coal fired power plant
  • Social-impact assessment for 774 MW wind farm in Southern Alberta.
  • Socio-economic impact assessment for 1,000 MW Shephard Gas Fired Power Plant
  • Socio-economic impact assessment for coal mines