Rob Stuart

Rob has over 25 years of experience working in Canada and internationally for a variety of clients including multi-stakeholder groups, aboriginal communities, government and industry. He specializes in socio-economic impact assessment, cultural impact assessments for Aboriginal communities and multi-stakeholder facilitation and public participation processes. His impact assessment experience ranges from smaller community specific wellness studies, which focus on key socio-economic indicators; to Integrated Cultural Assessments, using culturally relevant indicators to identify potential cultural impacts, bridging the language of non-aboriginal regulatory requirements with traditional values and worldview; to larger regulatory driven industrial development SEIAs completed on behalf of industrial clients focused on meeting regulatory requirements such as the Alberta AER, Alberta AEPEA, BC Oil and Gas Regulations, NEB (sect 52 and 58) CEAA and IFC Performance Standards. Rob has facilitated dozens of multi-stakeholder group processes and developed and run numerous stakeholder engagement processes. Internationally, Mr. Stuart has worked in Africa Rob worked with the Ghanaian Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) where he was responsible for incorporating community input and local knowledge in the management of local resources. In Tanzania, Rob is currently finishing a Community Engagement Guideline for Local Governments Authorities as they undertake PPP Projects. In Latin America Rob worked with the World Bank, Inter-American Development Bank and the Canadian International Development Agency on a variety of country specific and regional studies. This work ranged from helping individual local government and Indigenous communities develop capacity to more effectively participate in development projects, to the writing of regional guidelines for stakeholder engagement and social impacts for the natural resource sector. In Southeast Asia Rob worked on the design and implementation of Resettlement Action Plans, the Livelihood Restoration Plans and the Stakeholder Engagement Plans on a 1,000 km LNG pipeline and associated facilities. In Central Asia Rob worked on contracts with the United Nations Development Programme and the Global Environmental Facility on projects to develop biodiversity conservation programs by integrating the concerns of rural peoples in the design of conservation activities.