The Human Environment Group is a Canadian company dedicated to integrating communities and development. With strong foundations in natural and social sciences, our team provides a holistic and integrated approach to addressing the needs of communities, government, industry, and other organizations.

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Stakeholder Engagement,
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Resettlement and Livelihood Restoration

Latest News

HEG Review of Park to Protect Chimpanzee’s

Guinea is in the process of creating a new 6,500 Km2 National Park in the Bafing basin to protect the largest chimpanzee population in West Africa.  The creation and subsequent operations of the Moyen-Bafing National Park (MBPN) is partly being funded by the Biodiversity Offset programs of bauxite mining companies operating in the country.  HEG is part of the team reviewing the governance structure and implementation of the Set-up Phase, and assessing alignment with good international social sustainability practices.  The focus is on the identification of social impacts and mitigating measures through community participation, which includes setting up Village Committees for Conservation and Development to balance social and economic development with natural habitat protection, managing resource use and promoting alternative livelihood options.