Working to help preserve

Papua New Guinea is one of the most fascinating and culturally diverse countries on earth. Located in the Pacific Ocean (north of Australia) a population of just under six million is comprised of nearly 1,000 traditional societies, speaking an estimated 850 languages! Incredibly, many of these groups only had first contact with non-indigenous peoples in the 1960s. Truly, there is no place on this planet where a traditional way of life has been so thoroughly maintained and preserved in this modern age.

Naturally, any plans to develop resources in a remote region where the indigenous populations rely so directly on the land requires extreme care and sensitivity. ExxonMobil (together with Focus Corporation of Edmonton) is currently developing a natural gas field in the central highlands of Papua New Guinea. The plan involves piping gas through the jungle to the coast where it will be shipped as Liquid Natural Gas. The companies have been guided to ensure all plans meet strict international standards, including those set forth by the World Bank and International Financial Corporation.

Based on our extensive experience in working with aboriginal societies both internationally and in Canada, The HEG has been engaged to develop an Indigenous People’s Development Plan and a Stakeholder Engagement Plan.

HEG was selected due to our expertise integrating issues and concerns of indigenous communities into the policies and programs of large resource companies. Rob Stuart, Jose Zorrilla and the other members of the HEG team are working on this project, and hope to develop a solution that will serve as a model of responsible development in one of the world’s most unique and culturally diverse areas.